Your Best Bet For Gigabit Ethernet Services

Gigabit Ethernet is fast becoming a necessity for an Internet connectivity circuit for medium and big businesses and corporations around the globe. Only a few years ago, gigabit Ethernet was formerly priced outside of the price range for many businesses, but as the service providers start to build out their networks on virtually a daily basis, the law of supply and demand is applicable, and gigabit Ethernet currently is far less costly than you might think.

However you are convinced that you do not need a full gigabit of Internet access? That might be correct nonetheless, you need to comprehend what gigabit Ethernet truly is. In the larger capacities for Ethernet, there is FastE or Fast Ethernet, which is anywhere from a standard low of 10 MB to a high of 100 MB. Fast Ethernet just does not go faster than 100 MB. But if you need in excess of 100 MB, then you go to gigabit Ethernet in which you are limited only by the capacity of the carrier’s network, going as high as 40 GB and even more in a great many places.

Do You Need Gigabit Ethernet?

In the event you don’t need a full gigabit of Ethernet, you will still have a gigabit port on the circuit whenever you are wanting more than 100 MB. For instance, should you order and get a 250 MB Ethernet circuit, yes you will only have 250 MB of Internet access however, you will still have a gigabit port on that circuit. The great news here, nevertheless, is that you can upgrade this circuit in a very short period of time without the need to have the whole circuit re-installed with a simple phone call to the network service provider, because you already have a gigabit port and they basically have to upgrade the access portion of the circuit.

Additionally you need to watch carefully over where you buy your gigabit Ethernet circuit from. There are some second and third tier carriers out there who really cannot supply this type of circuit, although they may well say they can. When you need this level of bandwidth, you are much further ahead in the long term by going with a telecom broker who is able to evaluate and recommend several different carriers, since the ability of each is largely geographically dependent on how large their footprint is in a given area.

Your Gigabit Ethernet Telecom Broker

We are telecom brokers for around 35 of the nation’s first tier and top tier carriers, and in accordance with the amount of business we provide to each of them each month, they permit us to guarantee in writing that you cannot go to the carrier directly and get a better price on gigabit Ethernet than what we quote to you for a given location. We are also “carrier agnostic” where and we don’t attempt to push a specific service provider’s offerings to you, but rather our primary focus is to help find out the best value possible determined by which carrier can best service your location.

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