Make sure your Boulder Personal Injury Attorney works on contingency bases

Unless you are financially independent and have money to burn, make sure that any Boulder personal injury attorney you choose will absorb all the expenses of the case like expert witnesses, filing fees, deposition costs, medical records fees and the like. If he can’t or won’t cover these costs he probably won’t assign your case a very high priority. These expenses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Take notes as the attorney explains the fee agreement then read it carefully yourself. If he or she has left out any important facts you should find another attorney. Some contracts contain hidden fees and many clients have questioned their low settlements only to find that over 50% of it was spent on fees as well as the 1/3 contingency fee.

Ask the attorney what their rate of success is. Do they have a lot of experience with your type of case? Some lawyers specialize in auto accident cases while others take only negligence cases such as “slip and fall” lawsuits. Be sure that you are choosing an attorney with experience and a record of positive judgments. Make sure they are in good standing with the Florida Bar Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t choose a personal injury attorney just because you’ve seen a television commercial. This type of attorney is often interested only in the volume of cases they can bring to the firm and the client is not seen as a person, just a source of income. Plus, if you receive a call or visit from an attorney you have not contacted yourself you should never engage them; those are what honest and upstanding attorneys call “ambulance chasers” and will rarely settle a case to your satisfaction.

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