Beautiful Yard In The Neighborhood

My favorite places to get the gardening supplies I need is at San Diego nurseries here in beautiful San Diego. The sun is almost always shining and the San Diego landscape design I am trying to create is coming together beautifully. With the native plants all supplied to me, I have been able to create a one of a kind landscape that is turning out to be getting more attention from others besides me. I have had folks out on walks stop and ask me questions as I am working away in the yard. It is nice to have a conversation piece surrounding something you are proud of. I have been very pleased with the results that these plants and other designs are that are uniting together to create such a picturesque landscape. I am honestly not sure if I could ask for anything better. Even the weather has been cooperating with us these days. My favorite part about the yard I have created from pretty much scratch, is the colors. I have tied together such an array of colors that it really livens up the neighborhood and makes my home sparkle. If it had not been for the nursery workers I would not have known about all the tips and tricks that can be applied to a garden to yield such beautiful results.

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