Side Socket

The Side Socket is a surge protector that swivels a full 90 degrees. With this product, consumers can organize all the power cords in any garage, office or home while at the same time tripling the amount of socket space available.

Most power outlets are behind pieces of furniture in a tight place that makes it difficult to plug in electronic equipment. Bulky cables eliminate the possibility of moving furniture up against walls.

The Side Socket is the solution to these problems. The device swivels to either side allowing homeowners to place furniture against walls without bending the cords.

With the swiveling action, the Side Socket can create extra space where you need it. Plus since the cords are angled at the side, you can also easily unplug them as well.

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Steps on How to Cure Vitiligo

Leukoderma (vitiligo) is a dermatological condition characterized by the gradual de-pigmentation of skin. The de-pigmentation, or whitening of the skin, often occurs in small patches. These small patches eventually become bigger over time. The whitening spreads, or emerges, in other parts of the face and the body.

Unfortunately, a person with vitiligo will have to deal with this condition for the rest of their life, because there is no drug in existence that will completely heal this condition. However, there is some good news; there are therapies in existence that can slow down the de-pigmentation of the skin. The most common treatment for vitiligo is UV phototherapy.

However, it should be noted early on that this type of therapy should only be performed with the aid of a medical professional. It is possible that vitiligo can actually become worse if the patient is over-exposed to UV rays. Phototherapy can be performed in a clinic or hospital with the aid of a special machine that produces UV rays.

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Advantages of Using the Boom Cube

The Boom Cube is for people who want quality music everywhere they go there is nothing like a good sounding piece of equipment that you can easily carry around. However, the best stereo speakers are often large and heavy and definitely not made for ultra portability.

Main features of the Boom Cube include:

  • Portability
  • Side clip that allows you to take it anywhere
  • 10x increase in sound
  • Rechargeable battery with a 10-hour playing capacity on a single charge
  • Bumping bass and quality sound
  • Compatible with MP3 players, smart phones and computers (Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone)
  • Assortment of colors, from classy black or white to playful blues and pinks with leopard accents

That is what most people thought until The Boom Cube came around, which is by far the best-sounding key chain speaker ever produced. Small and light, the Boom Cute is a 1-inch wonder that produces clear, crisp audio with a great bass despite its size. If you want to take full advantage of your phone’s exceptional audio capabilities, pair it with the great audio of the Boom Cube.

The Boom Cube

As Seen On TV Paradise Tulips

Paradise Tulips are planted as bulbs, which we are currently selling at an awesome price. For 10 multi coloured Paradise Tulip bulbs, you only pay 10 USD (plus processing) making the cost of each bulb 1USD. As if the offer is not good enough, for every 10 bulbs you buy at $10 we give you an additional 10 bulbs at no extra cost which makes the cost of each bulb 50cts. For these beautiful flowers, the cost of their bulbs is simply out of this world taking into consideration that other tulips cost $2 a bulb and some even higher.

Our Paradise Tulip bulbs have been specially cultivated to produce a variety of beautifully coloured flowers with sturdy stems. The flowers colours range from: bright yellow, red, white, cream, orange, a deep purple, pink etc. The colour explosion and good health of the resulting flowers (from the very cheap bulbs you buy from us) will be a clear indication that you invested your money wisely and beautifully.

As Seen On TV Promoters

As seen on TV promoters is a website dedicated to bringing
consumers and products face to face. Talented individuals invent useful and practical everyday products that are not found in ordinary department stores. Every imaginable and hard to find product can be found online at this as seen on TV promoters website. If we dont have it most likely we can get it!

Consumers are usually the first testers of these products before they reach the market. Here consumers can share their personal opinions about a particular product whether it is a good review or not. Honesty is always the best policy. The majority of the items found on the promoters’ website are worth every penny.

The variety of products consumers can expect to find varies and the prices are extremely low. The as seen on TV promoters site allows the consumer be the tester. The promoters of these wonder products obviously believe in the products they promote. Imagine trying to find shimmer glitter tattoos at a local discount store but only finding an imitation. is a growing website catering to all your as seen on tv needs.

Recipes to Use with the Taco Bowl Maker As Seen On TV

This piece of cookware that’s dubbed the best Taco Bowl Maker As Seen On TV has a lot going for it. It makes your food healthier to eat. You can bake these shells and get the taste of a fried tortilla shell. Enjoy the crispy, golden crunch of a delicious tortilla bowl without all of the fat. If you are trying to lose weight, this bowl is a great choice. Enjoy eating your favorite foods without worrying about using the fryer.

Some Good Recipes to Use with the Taco Bowl Maker As Seen On TV:

    • . Make a chili bowl and top it with some delicious cheese.

    • . Enjoy a steak fajita or taco bowl.

    • . Make a bowl for your favorite homemade dips.

    • . Try a salad bowl.

    • . There is nothing quite like a pasta bowl.

    • . Take a delicious bowl and top it with rice. Add shrimp, chicken, or many other tasty toppings.

    • . Make a yummy ice cream bowl. Just add your favorite flavors of ice cream and any toppings that you are craving like syrup or peanuts.

    • . And much more.

When you buy your Taco Bowl Maker As Seen On TV, you will also receive a recipe book. It is fun to try new and different food items. You can enjoy making all sorts of different dishes that are sure to please all ages. Eating does not have to be a boring task. Why use regular plates and bowls? This type of bowl is a much better option.

The price of this cookware is great too. These Perfect Tortilla Bowls are a great value. You will get your use out of them. There is nothing like experimenting with different foods in a new and exciting way.

Reasons to buy this product:

    • . To cook healthier tortilla shells without added fat.

    • . To make creative dishes that your whole family will love.