How to Enjoy the Themed Holiday of Your Choice

A themed holiday could be a great option when it comes to spending your vacation with the members of your family or even alone. Choose the theme break of your choice from the varied types of themed holidays offered by the best themed holiday site on the web. If your love golf for example then you can find great holiday homes to rent on or near fantastic golf courses around the world at the most sought after theme break website online called

Browse the website for the latest themed holiday types available for you to choose from. Maybe you fancy cycling in France, or golf in Spain, or a writers break in Italy? Wildlife holidays, archaeology holidays and music holidays are some of the most popular themed holidays – but there are many more to choose from, and one probably one for your favourite pastime!

Free Online Dating at The Singles Club

Online dating is now an established practice. But what are the best online dating websites? And isn’t it expensive? Well, there are many established websites such as and others that can cost you quite a bit of money to use. However, there is now a new facebook style website that offers free online dating. The Singles Club (at is a new website where you can meet, and in time perhaps date, other members free of cost!

As stated, this is a social website that is free to join and free to use, with members from all over the world. The website also offers sensible advice with regard to staying safe while online dating, and free dating tips – all free of cost.

So if you are looking for someone to share your life with – or just looking for new friends – why not try The Singles Club!

What Is BMV Property?

What does BMV mean? BMV stands for “below market value”. Below market value is where you buy or sell a property at a price which is lower than the current market price (or value). This also means a price that is below the current conditions in the market, and the properties which are being sold at this price are said to be below the market value. A similar example would be when a trader decides to set an order to buy a given stock at a price that is lower than the current price.

Below the market value can also be experienced where the investors and the traders enter a given order to purchase below the market price so that they can achieve a good price and lock in a profit. It is accepted by property investors that you make you money when you buy – not when you sell. Real estate then is often sold at below the market value which means they are offered at prices lower than the prices of similar properties and hence they are called BMV properties. This mostly happens when the owner is facing some financial problems and they need the cash quickly.

Buying below market value property then is a great thing to do to create a property portfolio that will increase in value in time – especially as you have bought with instant equity. There are many companies in the UK that offer to help you create a property portfolio by buying below market value and many of them are reviewed and assessed at so check that website out as a first port of call if you are interested in buying bmv property in the UK.

Work From Home? Back Up Your Data!

More and more people are now working from home either on their own business, or working from home for an employer. And if you do work from home on your own business then I hope you understand the importance of backing up your important data? This could be anything from accounts data, invoices, quotations, articles, letters, letter-heads etc. or even anything of personal importance such as irreplaceable digital photos and music.

If the worst were to happen and you lost important quotations, accounts data or emails could your business survive? It is really not worth taking chances in this regard so I think we can all appreciate the importance of backing up data.

The next question is what method of back-up would you use? Some people take backups onto CDs or other removable data such as data sticks which they keep on the premises. The horrible truth is that should the worst happen and some form of disaster occur such as a fire (God forbid) then the data could well still be destroyed. And how often do you back up the data? If it is a manual process then probably not very often!

The best answer to really remain safe is to use an automatic online backup and file storage service such as that offered by – the software provided by that company automatically backs-up your data to a safe online storage computer – and it does it for less that $8 per month! Now that is great value for money for absolute peace of mind. Find out more at

Good Tip For Shopping With Amazon

Everyone it seems uses Amazon! And why not? It is one of the best and largest online retailers in the world. It has great products at great prices and gives great service too with many products being delivered the day after ordering.

However, how many people who use Amazon realise that their Amazon experience could be even cheaper than it is now? And I am not talking about spending time searching out Amazon promotional codes! There is a way of buying many products on Amazon very cheaply even without Amazon promotional codes.

That way is to go via The Amazing Bargain Store.

The Amazing Bargain Store features products on Amazon that are discounted at least 80% off normal list price – and sometimes up to 99%! It finds these hidden bargains on Amazon using its own bespoke software. You probably wouldn’t find these highly discounted products yourself as Amazon generally doesn’t present them to you.

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