How to develop telekinesis and how to reach enlightenment

If you are interested in learning how to develop telekinesis you are going to love todays article by Anthony. It’s a subject he knows a lot about and it will help you learn how to develop telekinesis for use in your daily life.

No one knows for sure how telekinesis works, but there are some very good, and well thought-out theories out there that may very well explain it. But there are some things known that do seem to tie into the success of psychokinetic events, such as Awareness. Expanding your awareness is very important, because when you do so, it allows you have access to more tools to do telekinesis, as well as a deeper understanding of yourself, and what you’re doing. It is thoroughly suggested that one must get in touch with the energies around them that are available.

Expanding your awareness and perception will allow you to be better in-tune with the energies around you, and as you get a bit more familiar with them, you can begin to play around with the energy, moving it around in your body, or even shaping it, or telling it to do things. Expanding your awareness and perception to the energies around you are only the ground work. They need to be as firmly in place as you can get them in order to do telekinesis. There is no real set technique for performing psychokinetic feats, but there are two things used dearly to do it, and that is Attention, and Intention. Click here to learn more about telekinesis.

How to Reach Elightenment

Against what has become the public belief on the idea, enlightened being is actually your natural state. When you think of it a certain way, it is more like letting things be and just flowing with the natural process. Things that you have mentally accumulated are giving you an illusion that you are gaining and stopping you from having the direct experience of enlightenment at this moment. Would you think that God may only let a person who has been lucky enough to have a good education or spent 10 years in a Tibetan Monastery have access to and learn how to reach enlightenment? If you were going to die soon and only has a short space of time to experience enlightenment would it be possible for you?

I honestly believe, in fact I know that anyone can reach enlightenment at this moment. I feel like saying to you that this will transform your life but it is such an overused statement that it doesn’t need repeating. It will literally alter the basic structure of your mind. It is an amazing journey that we are all on anyway even if we do not wish to be. during this article I will try and answer some common questions that pop up like “When you have reached enlightenment is there still work to do?” and “After you have come to the realization that you are not your mind what does the role of your mind then become?”. Learn more about how to reach enlightenment by clicking here.

Poor credit rating and gun control arguments

A yearly credit report is something you should get whether you have good or bad credit. If you have a poor credit rating and you’re trying to improve it you might want to get 3-4 reports yearly until you get it fixed.

If you have a poor credit rating you need to do something to fix it starting today. There are a ton of places out there, both for profit and non profit agencies that will help you fix your credit. Or, if you don’t want to pay them the big bucks you can get a book, or even an E-book that will assist you in fixing your credit.

A lot of people are interested in Christian non profit credit counseling but I don’t know that they are any better or worse than anyone else. I suspect it has more to do with trusting them because they are “Christian” but there are thieving Christians too so check out what ever local credit repair company you want to use and make sure they have a satisfactory record with others. Check out more about a poor credit rating at this link If you have a poor credit rating you probably have little money and don’t have to worry about being robbed at gun point.

Many gun control arguments are based on the fact that some people want to take away all guns. This is never going to happen.

Other gun control arguments are based on limiting the amount of bullets a gun can hold. This will not work.

Other gun control arguments say we need to take away assault weapons. Part of the problem there is defining assault weapons. Even if that had been the law of the land it would NOT have prevented the tragedy in Newtown because the rifle used there was a legal weapon.

Another of the gun control arguments is we need to take away guns that use large calibers. This would not have prevented the Newtown tragedy either as most assault weapons are a caliber marginally bigger than the 22 rifle people hunt rabbits and squirrels with. Few assault rifles use any calibers larger than a 22 caliber bullet. Most are .223 caliber and this is totally agains what most people gun control arguments believe. Read more about gun control arguements

Protein shakes for weight loss and weight loss system for you

Protein shakes for weight loss have many benefits. First being that so many people have used protein drinks they are recognized as being pretty safe. However I am not a Doctor so you should check with your own Doctor before following any advice on this website. People with allergies should check the ingredients carefully because there are some made with milk or casein products and other possible allergy causing ingredients. They also come in low-calorie, high calorie and gluten-free. You can read more about the benefits of protein shakes for weight loss at that link.

You can get ready-made and ready to drink protein shakes which is an advantage for those who don’t want to make their own shakes at home in their blender. Bodybuilding has made use of homemade shakes filled with healthy ingredients to help them build muscle. Read more about protein shakes at this link

Weight Loss System

Like everyone else you are probably looking for a quick weight loss system and have spent a lot of time reading weight loss system reviews. You keep thinking somewhere there has to be a lose weight system that will work for me. You’re right, somewhere there is a system that will work for you. As you know, it can be a big problem finding that one weight loss system or program that will work for you.

Maybe you’ve tried weight loss pills and have discovered they didn’t work very well. Lol, I can tell you they do work, if you follow the instructions. However they want you to increase your level of exercise and eat a balanced diet. If you did that you wouldn’t need the weight loss pills to begin with. Check out to learn more about weight loss systems

Healthy shakes- lose weight in a month with healthy weight loss shakes

Healthy shakes are very good for you and can help you with a more healthy weight loss. When people think of healthy shakes they generally think of protein shakes. Healthy protein shakes are almost everywhere nowdays as are healthy shake recipes.

You can even get healthy breakfast shakes and use them to cut down on daily calories by not eating breakfast. Not all healthy shakes are made of or with protein tho. There are also healthy fruit shakes and those are the ones I love the best. You can add some protein powder to them if you want and that makes them even better. I love healthy smoothies made with fruit. For more information on healthy shakes or healthy smoothies click here.

To keep healthy shakes healthy I always make mine at home. Like I said, I love the healthy fruit smoothies as I know I’ve just made them from fresh fruit with no sugar added. If you need a bit of sweetener try adding a little bit of honey, not sugar or artificial sweeteners. Healthy fruit shakes are easy to make and some of the healthiest shakes you could ever make.

My favorite of all my healthy shakes or smoothies that I drink is strawberries, watermelon and banana with a scoop of vitamins and minerals added protein powder. You can buy protein powder at almost every drug store and health food store and at a ton of places online. You can buy protein powder to make healthy shakes with vitamins, minerals and other added ingredients or you can buy plain old whey protein powder and add what you’d like.

One other thing you can do with healthy shakes, that I like to do, is get some of the freezer pops plastic containers and fill them up with your shakes after you’ve made them. Let them sit in the freezer over night and you have a very healthy frozen snack on a stick. Cheap, easy and convenient. Kids love them too so you don’t have to worry about feeding them junk and they don’t know that they are healthy shakes that have been frozen like popsicles.

You can also make healthy shakes out of vegetables if you’d like to do that. I tend not to like the taste of the vegetable shakes as there aren’t all that many vegetables I like. Fruit is never a problem for me but the healthy vegetable shakes just don’t taste as great to me. That’s a personal choice though and you should go with what works for you when you make your healthy shakes.

Lucid dreams and the secrets book for a better life

Dreaming is a phenomenon that all of us experience. However most often than not, we wake up to question of what we dreamt and why we dreamt certain things and sometimes even wondered why there were unconnected strings in our dreams, like a badly directed movie. How nice it would be if you could dream of what you want to dream and how you want your dream to progress? This is the phenomenon of lucid dreams and if you thought that was difficult, you are wrong. This is quite possible and if you want to know how, read on.

Dreaming, waking up and sleeping are all events that are controlled by the brain and the brain in turn is controlled by the various frequency levels that operate in and around the physical being. So what are the frequencies that you need to think about when dreaming or rather when you want to have lucid dreams? The alpha frequency state is the state when you are awake and active. Then you should know of the theta frequency range which is when you are capable of dreaming. Delta frequency prevails when you are fast asleep.

The secrets book, mind, healing, spirituality, lucid dreams and the law of attraction can all help you if you understand them.

The secrets book is about nothing but the law of attraction and how to use your mind to make it work. The law of attraction is quite simple. Like attracts like. No big secrets there, were there? Not likely that there have been any secrets about the laws of attractions since “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:7)

Only one catch, if not used correctly, most people don’t use the law of attraction correctly, even when they’ve seen the secrets book, it can keep your from everything you want. Yes, that’s in the secrets book too. If you haven’t seen it you really need to see “The Secret” as it’s about the law of attraction.

One of the secrets is you must always state what you want in a positive manner. Never use the negative or say what you don’t want. In my 60 plus years of life, if I’ve learned on thing, it’s that it’s always better to be positive than negative. Take that to the bank, positive is always better when it comes to the secrets book.