Hebrew Lesson Israeli Reality Show

Yes Hayley starts the ball rolling with the first Hebrew lesson Challenge!
Taking to the streets she is on a mission to find some top soil for her Iris plants which she has been given as a gift. recording the challenges from our new website is transforming our learning experience, when you sit down and thin of all that goes into a conversation you would be surprised at what to can add.

Our focus on the first Hebrew challenge Israeli Reality Show is to get permission to film the challenge by explaining it will be used on the internet and that we are new to learning Hebrew.

ani lo-medet ivret – “I am learning Hebrew”

Let the journey begin watch the show here
Hayley Collects Mud Hebrew lesson Challenge

Online Hebrew Lessons With A Reality Show

I have a confession right at the start of this new blog post I have “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” but I am not going to give up in learning as my husband has just announced we are moving to Israel for his new job.

“Are you crazy” I said “there is a war going on out there in Israel” He just laughed at me and explained where we would be staying and the great opportunity he has with this new position.

I was still in a panic looking to for a way to run away until he showed me this New Immigrant family online they are teaching as they learn Hebrew. Now I am laughing as it look so amazing and the people are very friendly.

I signed up to the Hebrew Challenge updates and am now confident to more our life to Israel.

My husband is a Messianic Jewish believer and with this job change we can also get citizenship in Israel so we don’t have to live in Israel like Americans.
Hebrew Lessons yea I am lov’n it!!

Hebrew Alphabet Lesson

Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters and is called in Israel “Aleph Bet” or “Alef Bet”

and it is where we get our alphabet from. Five of the letters appear in a different form at the end of a word.and are all consonants.

Hebrew is written from right to left. A vowel system called nikud has been added over the years but this is mainly used in school books and prayer books not in everyday hebrew text.

Hebrew Alphabet translation goes from picture form to block or script letters, looking back in history of the Hebrew Alphabet is an amazing journey and when you see the meaning of the letters and the build up of words it will blow your mind at what is in a word something we do not appreciate when looking at a English word. This is something I want to expand on as we learn but for now our focus it getting familiar with knowing the letters.

To watch the videos and read more visit Hebrew


Hebrew Alphabet

Support Israel

Each year tens of thousands of Jewish people make the journey arriving in Israel to start a new life. This is no different for the Russell family. We could not have made the journey without the support of friends and family and to all we thank!

One thing we have noticed is the difficulty of the transition from western culture to Israeli life and have studied solutions for our family to be not just successful but significant in what we do to integrate.

Our goal is to integrate and ignite

We are committed to filming and producing our journey as a new immigrant family and to do this we need subscribers who will sign up for 27 USD per month to support our project and journey. For those who would like to make a single donation to support us this too is welcomed.

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