Pests Control Methods

You may suddenly learn there’s a pest problem in your home. This could be very troubling if it happens to be your first experience. But take heart, there are several pests control methods you can help yourself with. Fortunately you can solely rely on natural ways to kill ants from your place.


First realize that pest mainly go to places for food. So try and stop them from feeding around your place. Clear all places of food leftovers and any access to food in your home. Without food no living thing can survive and so are pests. They will quickly move away if they found the sources of food supply in that place are completely dried up.

Another thing to consider is water. If you can trace their source, you may see there’s no water around their place. Check to see where they are having access to water in your place and block or do anything to prevent them from having water at your place.


If the pests happen to be ants, there are many natural household products that easily kill them or drive them off. One very effective household product is cornmeal. Now, you may ask: how does cornmeal kill ants? They do and I have a personal experience here. Cornmeal breaks ants scent trails making it impossible for them to find their sources of food in your house. They can’t also digest cornmeal which expands in them killing them.

Natural Ant Killers

Its very irritating to see so many ants around your house, and they seem to come from nowhere. All ant killer products can work very well to get rid of ants. But some people are very concerned about their environment. and will use only natural ant killers products.

There are several natural ant deterrents available that you can safely use to get rid of ants. Best of all many of these are household products. We’re already using them in our homes and so may have no effects on us and pets.

Household Natural Ant Killers

Cornmeal: Is a household product that has tremendous effect on ants. Ants have peculiar ways of moving about. They create scent trails to follow but cornmeal breaks these scent trails. Ants also eat cornmeal but can’t digest it. When they take cornmeal to their habitats others feed on it to share a common fate. I’ve actually used it and know its one of the natural ant killers products.

Soapy Water: Another effective household natural ant killers product. Its available in every home with no effect on the family and pets. You just spray the mixture onto the ants and they will have breathing difficulties. This will kill them or move them away from your home.

Baby Powder : If there’s a baby in the house its very likely baby powder is about.. But if there’s no baby, like mine now, its easily available in every corner shop. Just sprinkle the powder onto them, wherever they may be in the house and they will be no more. This is one of the safest natural ant killers products.