Reworking your Pet Rabbit Care Schedule once he Hits Five

When you get a little cute rabbit for the first time, you don\’t quite realize it at first. A bunny rabbit grows and ages faster than any other kind of pet animal you could get. While they do live for about 10 years on average, a rabbit that is five years old is considered well past it – over the hill. Most people don\’t realize it, but the way you go about pet rabbit care changes substantially once the little furry thing reaches an age where it could be considered \”senior\”.

A rabbit that begins to get a little long in the tooth doesn\’t eat exactly the same way that he used to when he was younger. To begin with, he probably won\’t be as active as he used to be either; that takes the edge off his appetite too. An inactive rabbit tends to put on a bit of weight. And as it is with humans, added weight can lead to added health problems. A rabbit should be allowed as much hay as he wants no matter how old he is. You just need to make a brief note of his pellet consumption levels. For every 5 pounds of body weight that your rabbit has, a third of a cup of pellets, and a couple of cups of vegetables every day would be a good idea.

If all you remember of your rabbit is that hop, skip and jump and that boundless energy, you will be a little surprised by how slow he becomes as he ages. Your pet rabbit care plan will need to take arthritis into account as he grows older. He won\’t appear all that eager to get into his litter box, and he might even be a reluctant to move at all in the first place. You need to take your rabbit down to the veterinarian if he seems to be experiencing any of these changes. The vet will probably ask you to get your rabbit softer bedding.

Over time, your pet rabbit care routine might require attention paid to new kinds of problems – pododermatitis or sore hocks being one of them. This is a condition that occurs in rabbits that have begun to gain weight. You begin to see bare patches of skin around your rabbit\’s feet, or redness and sores. You need to rush your rabbit to a veterinarian. Without professional attention paid, your rabbit could be in a bad way for the rest of his life. Make sure also that you have your veterinarian check your rabbit\’s teeth from time to time. A rabbit\’s teeth keep growing even when he doesn\’t eat as much as they used to. Long sharp teeth can really hurt your rabbits gums. You\’ll probably need to have the doctor file his teeth down.

Once a rabbit reaches five years of age, he becomes really high maintenance. But no problems there – you probably love your little fella.

Bike Riding is Fun and Healthy!

My fascination with bike riding started when I was very young. My older brother was a fan of mountain bike riding, and sometimes he would take me along on his trips. I would get to ride on the back of his bike, balanced precariously above the wheel as we plummeted downhill. Although I sometimes got hurt bicycle riding, it was still one of the greatest adventures of my life. There was nothing more thrilling than riding along with my older brother! As soon as I could, I learned how to ride a bike. He was actually the one who taught me on my 10th birthday. Ever since then, riding bicycles has been my true passion.

Of course when I was a kid, bike riding was all about hanging out with your friends and tooling around the neighborhood. Occasionally we would race, but more often we would just cruise around together, enjoying the breeze going by. We would put cards in the spokes of the tires, put various lights on our bike to decorate it, and in general make it look as cool as we could. The bike was more than a way to get around for us. It was a chariot and a mean racing machine.

By the time I was 15, however, bike riding was getting more serious for me. Although most of my friends were getting to the age when they would give up their bicycles in favor of cars, for me the bike remained a passion. I still loved riding around with people, but I wanted to go further than that. I wanted to compete, I wanted to take long trips, and in general I wanted to make the bike a big part of my life. I didn’t actually start with racing, but with a trip. With one of my best friends, I went on a three-week bike trip about a month before my 16th birthday. My dad followed along in the van, keeping watch on us and making sure we were all right. It was one of the best times of my life.

Cycling – Bike Riding

It was then that I realized that I wanted to go into bike racing. We didn’t have the money to buy a racing bike, so instead I hung out at bike shops, acquiring used bike parts whenever I could. Soon, I had a passable racer built out of assorted pieces of this and that. It was ugly and nothing matched, but it rode like a beauty. I was ready for my first race!

Do You Need an Air Pollution Solution?

Yes You Do

The moment you come home and walk in, you feel protected. None of the smog or the secondhand smoke or the car exhaust that is the bane of life outdoors in a city dare possibly enter the sanctuary of your house. Or dare they? The Environmental Protection Agency wonders at your confidence. The way they see it, when they check the levels of pollution in your average American urban home, they find that levels of air pollution are about twice as high indoors as they are outside. How does this happen, and what kind of air pollution solution will work for you?

The reason this happens is that modern homes today are completely sealed – it makes for better insulation against the cold, for better energy savings. What that means is, that anything that gets into your air indoors – there is no way for natural ventilation to just take it out. Whether it’s fumes from cooking, cigarette fumes, the evaporated Windex from the last time you cleaned your windows or anything else, it’s all just hanging in your air. And it causes asthma, headaches, nerve problems, the whole spectrum of nasty stuff that can happen to a person.

Every indoor air pollution solution that we will talk about here is just basic stuff that needs no investment from you other than a willingness to change your habits. Ventilation is something we take for granted – we think it’ll happen on its own. You can never completely control every chemical that gets into your house. It’s the ventilation that will take care of it. When cooking, be sure to turn on the exhaust fan, and be sure to leave a window somewhere open. Air can only get out of that exhaust fan if there is air coming into your house. Make sure that you have a professional come in and look at your furnace to make sure that it isn’t leaking any fumes into your house and that all harmful stuff gets out the chimney. If you have a garage that’s attached your house, make sure that you don’t start your car until you have the garage door open. Otherwise, the fumes from the car can certainly get into your house.

Air fresheners aren’t really good for you. That’s what the EPA says. Does lemon and pine smell like a wonderfully fresh house to you? These are the most dangerous fragrances as far as their chemical content is concerned. Ditch the room fresheners. If you have to have something really nice around the house, try something natural, like flowers. A great indoor air pollution solution has to do with staying safe from your dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is done with all kinds of scary chemicals. Bring your dry cleaning home as soon as it is ready, and you risk having it releaseing its toxic fumes into your indoor air. Make sure that you let it stay at the dry cleaner’s for whole week before you bring it home. Let all the fumes leave your clothes.

We use sprays for every kind of cleaning. And the EPA says that it’s a major cause of indoor air pollution. Instead of spraying your cleaner on any surface, pour it on a piece of cloth and wipe with it. It is the only way to stay asthma-free.