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Gardening & Landscaping

A wonderful addition to the outdoor décor of almost any space is foliage. Although trees and shrubs are always an important part of any landscape design, climbing plants can add an extra touch.

Climbing plants are a great idea for a fence or a trellis.

Cardinal Climber Vine

If you need one that will do well growing against a wall there are many choices including clematis, wisteria, climbing hydrangea, golden hop and star jasmine. Some climbing plants require a stable base from which to flourish, while others can adapt quite well growing up against a wall or fence. See what climbing plants have to offer by giving one a home in your yard today!

The flowers that grow in the shape of beans are most attractive. My personal favorite climbing plants are the star jasmine, which produces leather like, dark green leaves and beautiful white blooms that have an unmatched, profuse fragrance.

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A Special Picture of Children Playing

When I was growing up, my parents had a picture of children playing mounted on the wall of their dining room.

The dining room was a special place indeed.

For years, I would look at the picture while I was eating and wonder about the children in the picture and who they actually were. It never occurred to me, however, to ask my parents until one day I decided to ask where the picture itself came from. My father then told me a very interesting story that I still remember quite vividly to this day.

Children playing

The picture of children playing belonged to my grandfather, who served in World War II. My grandmother sent it to him to remind him of my father and his two brothers while he was in the Philippines. Now there was room to hang the picture, obviously, but he treasured it so much that he kept it with him everywhere he went. He once told my father and uncles that during the war, he would often look at it at night and imagine the three of them playing and said that it made his situation much more tolerable.

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